An About You-session is about pictures of you as a couple, doing something you enjoy together. In a place that feels meaningful to you. It can be anything you like, an evening in the stables, a walk along the water or an adventure you have been talking about doing together, but putting off for a long time. No moment in life is too small to capture.

Ellinor and Andreas spend a lot of their free time playing golf together. Thinking of a good activity for an About You-session, golf seemed to be the perfect choice. They have spent countless hours at Ängsö Golfklubb outside the city of Västerås, doing something they enjoy together. Here they are truly in their element, not thinking about how to pose or where to look when a camera is pointed towards them. They focus on the game and I make sure to document it for them.
Add to that a beautiful summer evening in June and finishing up with some beer and food at the restaurant and you have a winner.


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