Västerås Wedding Photographer // Linn & David by the cathedral

I’ve had the honour to photograph Linn & David several times before, first time was in the early days of my career when I needed something to build my portfolio with. Back then we shot these images together. It feels like an eternity since that took place, but I’m still proud of those photos. A few years later I once again had the opportunity to meet up with them for some photos together with their daughter Elise on her first birthday. I don’t know how they do it, but this family always look great!

So, when I got asked to go out and get some more family photos, of course I said yes. First a few weeks later, they let me know that what they really had in mind was an elopement. A secret plan to get married in the Västerås Cathedral and then shoot some portraits at Kyrkbacken right after.
I’ll be honest and tell you that mostly I prefer longer weddings. It is easier to build a story that way, to capture the entirety and give a completeness to it that is difficult to do properly with shorter sessions. But even this time, I feel we managed to create something beautiful and a story worth tellling.

The Cathedral in Västerås was built during the 1100’s and among others is the seat of the grave of King Erik the XIV. Just next doors is Kyrkbacken, the early residential area with roots in Medieval times. You find houses in this area from recent times all the way back to when the area was just a tiny town. Next to the area is Rudbeckianska gymnasiet, the first secondary school in Sweden and the place where I myself went to school. All of these places give the area a certain atmosphere that always looks great for a photo session, no matter if it is beautiful day like this or a grey winter day in March. Next is the city library and the smallest and most boring botanical garden in the country. So if you do come here, avoid the place! 🙂

Ok, enough of the rambling and on with the real stuff:

Bröllopsfotograf VästeråsBröllopsfotograf VästeråsBröllopsfotograf VästeråsBröllopsfotograf Västerås

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Winter portraits Westeros // Familjen Frisk

Winter is coming, although here in Västerås, it can be a bit fickle, coming and going all throughout winter, so when you have a clear morning with lots of snow, you just have to get up early on  Saturday morning and, despite wanting to sleep in, get going. The combination of snow and the morning sun is just irresistable.

Maria & Johan, luckily, was not in a hurry to get the shoot done, it was more important to wait for good weather. We met at Djäkneberget in central Västerås for some winter portraits with the family. Their daughter, Klara, was very excited to run around in the snow with three people paying full attention to her. Fortunately it wasn’t that cold, so we could stay out long and get some good shots done without freezing.

So if you are interested in getting som winter portraits done in Westeros, just let me know and we can plan a few options and wait around for some snow to come!

Familjefotograf DjäknebergetKlaras första vinterpromenadFamiljebild på Djäkneberget i VästeråsVinterporträtt på familjenBarn leker i snönMamma med pälsmössa vinterporträttLek i snön utan föräldrarnaSolnedgång under vinternUt på egna vinteräventyrTittut i snönParbilder på vinternNärbild på barn utomhus på vinternVinterfotografering Västerås

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Wedding Photographer Sollentuna Bergendal // Tina & Dag


When I called on Tina & Dag’s door in their Stockholm apartment months before their wedding, I had no idea who I was going to meet. Communicating via e-mail is never the same thing as sitting down together in a room, drinking tea and chatting about their wedding and this and that. After that meeting, I had a tiny idea who these two are.
On the 28th of May, I arrived at Bergendal in Sollentuna just north of Stockholm where they were getting married. During this day, I got to see more of who they are, through their interactions with each other, the warmth they show each other, but also through their friends and families who joined the wedding as guests. The ceremony was beautiful, located on top of the hill behind the hotel, overlooking Edsviken. They had a Barbershop-choir singing and after that, dinner and party followed, with both Swedish and Persian traditions woven in together, just like the mix of people at the wedding.

As a photographer, I’m always on the outside looking in. Observing what goes on as a stranger. As a Wedding Photographer however, I have to really listen and read between the lines. Picking up on those small nuances in what goes on and get a feel for it all. Rarely do I know much about the relationships between the bride and groom and their guests when I start out, but throughout the day, if you are observant, you can learn a lot. I know many photographers who find the dinner and the speeches to be the most boring part of the day, but to me, this is where it all becomes clear. Through the speeches and the fun events, I get to see who the couple is through the stories their guests tell, things I would never be able to pick up otherwise.

My mission as a photographer is to find the essence of all those stories and re-tell the same feeling with images. It is not always easy, but it is always something I approach with the utmost care and responsibility.

As I was sitting in my car on my way home from Bergendal, I felt that I had been part of something I would never forget. That feeling is why I never get tired of photographing weddings.



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