No matter if you get married in a castle or in a countryside cottage. Whether your wedding is big or small - I will be there.

Wedding Photographer Stockholm Västerås

What do you want to remember twenty years from now?

I still remember that our wedding officiant was late to our ceremony. But we didn’t care, because we had all the time in the world. We were surrounded by people we love, we did our thing, made our own choices and decided to skip all the stuff we didn’t care about. We were relaxed, happy and that is what we see in our photos from the day.

This is why I shoot wedding. To capture these emotions and memories, so that you too can remem- ber how beautiful and fun it was.
No matter if you choose to get married in a castle or in a barn, if you go for the grand or the simple, my approach is still the same. I will be there to capture what happens – the authentic and true.

A story of your day.

Relaxed. Natural. Authentic.

No matter what size or length of your wedding, I always aim to tell a story of your day. I want to capture the astmosphere as you get ready, the ceremony, guests and big events as well as the tiny mo- ments, details and the blast when you rock the dance floor.
You simply have to decide when you want me to be there to start.

If you do not know today how long things will last, I offer an unlimited full day package that starts when you are getting ready and ends when the party is in full swing and the mood of the whole day is captured. This way, you do not have to plan ahead and guess what will happen. I will be there to get those moments you didn’t think of, but that you will still remember in ten or thirty years.

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