Familjefotograf Stockholm


These three kids ended up being great to photograph, despite the oldest guy not really wanting to be there. But who can blame him? I didn’t like this kind of stuff when I was his age either. Despite this they all went along with the whole thing and hung out together. Just being themselves.

That is for me what a successful family photo session is all about. People being themselves, not thinking too much about the fact that there is a stranger pointing a camera in their direction. Add to that the stunning location of Rosendals trädgård in the Djurgården park in Stockholm. What could go wrong?


Djurgårdens ParkKarin HBThis is a corner of a larger fieldBredablicks torn Djurgården SkansenRosendals TrädgrdscaféRosendals Trädgård 1007 Karin HBKarin HB 1011 Karin HBKarin HBFamiljefotograf StockholmKarin HBFamiljefotograf Stockholm syskonporträttKarin HBKarin HBKarin HB 1019 Familjefotograf DjurgårdenFamiljefotograf Stockholm Karin HBKarin HBKarin HB 1024 Karin HBKarin HBKarin HBKarin HBKarin HB

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