Mt. Shasta, California


I have just returned from California, up early because of the jetlag working away.

Summers in California has become a tradition by now. I have been there every summer since 2007, which feels a bit weird, given that I never intended to go to the United States. I had no interest in that, but met some American friends and realized that not only did I like them, but spending a couple of weeks there every summer is the perfect place when you want good weather and a relaxing time with friends.

They really live out in the middle of nowhere, outside Etna, in Siskiyou County, so it does take some time to get there, but it is worth it. The area is full of great hiking trails, rivers and forests. Mountains and small towns. Every year, a visit to the lakes or the river is mandatory, but also to explore new areas, waterfalls and parks.
Having been a city boy all my life, I have started to really enjoy nature and getting away from the city. So much that we are considering buying a house on the country side to get that even here in Sweden. Your own place in the woods.

On the way up to where my friends live, you pass Mt. Shasta. I have taken photos of it before, but never with so many clouds around, so I had to bother my friends to stop the car and get out and take this photo.


Clouds over Mt. Shasta, Siskiyou County, California

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