As a Wedding Photographer it’s customary to get the couple or engagement session done before the wedding, but sometimes that does not happen. Instead, we left Kilkenny some 8 months later and went to the coast down in Tramore for a days adventure and at the same time get a few shots of Catherine & Aiden together.

Just like back here in Sweden, spring was very late in Ireland too, so it was chilly and windy by the coast. I prepared for the worst and had layers upon layers of clothes, just in case. I couldn’t believe that anyone would be in the water, surfing. Even with a wet suit on, it would have been cold. But there they were, a bunch of guys trying to catch the waves under a dramatic sky, staying in for longer than we spent on the beach.
I was happy to stay in my layers and walk along the beach, with my hat and gloves on and after a while we stopped for some crêpes and tea before heading back to Kilkenny.

Thank you Catherine & Aiden for an amazing time spent, looking forward to see you again.

If you want to see some photos from the Wedding last year, check them out here: Kilkenny Wedding Photographer // Catherine & Aiden

Tramore Wedding PhotographerDog walking towards the townAlong the Tramore promenadeCouple session in TramoreSurfers testing the wavesCouple on the promenade in TramoreThe ocean off the Irish coastAlong the beachTramore Wedding Photographer skyline over the townTramore Engagement photographer portraits by the shackPortrait photographer TramoreTramore wedding photographer Along the beachTramore Wedding photographer beach shacksAt the Creperie for a snackCrepes artist focused on his jobTramore photographer taking photos off the coast

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