Archipalego wedding Dalarö Stockholm // Elin & Tobias


Elin & Tobias picked Dalarö Strand Hotel on the island of Dalarö for their archipalego wedding outside Stockholm. The ceremony was held in the church just around the corner in the Dalarö Church. It started off as a brilliant day, and ended with rain. Despite that, it held up for a short while around midnight so we got to go out for some midnight portraits together.

I was impressed by the hotel they picked for the wedding. An old gorgeous place with typical sea details and close both to the water and the church. It was made for a wedding such as this. Unfortunately, I found out that they are tearing the place down eventually, to make room for new apartments. Sure, it is an old place and need quite a bit of maintenance, but I still find it sad that they will tear it down and that the archipalego will miss out on a place like this.


This is their day together.

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