Uppsala Wedding Photographer // Tove & Tomas

Tove och Tomas lives in Stockholm but met, as they were both studying at Uppsala University. So getting married in this area was a natural choice.
It was a warm, beautiful day, perfect for the wedding between two beautiful human beings.

Uppsala is one of the oldest cities in Sweden, home to both the arch bishop of the Swedish Church and the oldest University in the nordic countries. Because of this, you can tell this is a unique city that sometimes feels like from a different time and place altogether. It has magestic buildings, historic and international architecture and beautiful details and places such as the botanic garden.

Tove och Tomas made good use of this atmosphere and placed themselves in the middle of it, with the ceremony taking place in Uppsala Cathedral and the cocktail hour and dinnerparty around the Botanical Garden and Conservatory. It gave the whole day a unique feel and fitted these two kind souls perfectly.

Slottsparken UppsalaOrangeriet i UppsalaVandring på väg till botaniska trädgårdenBröllopsfotograf Uppsala Gruppbild vid orangeriet i slottsträdGruppbild på trappen till middagssalenBröllopsfotograf Uppsala parbild på innegårdenparbild i valvetBröllopsfotograf Uppsala parfoto på stora trappen vid orangeridammen i botaniska trädgårdenporträtt i botaniska trädgården uppsalanärbild på par som håller händernabrudbukett till bröllopbild på bruden i parkenbröllopsporträtt på brudgummenOrangeriets fönsterbrudgum klädd i hängslen och vitt skjorta med svart flugachampagne och solglasögonvärdparet övar inför vigselbrudens vän får skrattattackchampagne till gästerna på hotell villa annatornen på uppsala domkyrkauppsala domkyrka statyer ovanför huvudingångenentre till uppsala domkyrkavalven i uppsala domkyrkaaltaret och ljushållarestråkkvartett för bröllopsceremoni och vigselbrudparet vandrar in i domkyrkanframme vid altaretmusiker spelar halleluja med jeff buckley vid bröllopbrudparet vigselceremoni i uppsala domkyrkabrudtärnor lyssnar på musikenbrudgum trär ringen på brudens fingerhalleluja med jeff buckley på bröllopgästerna lyssnar på prästens talbrudparet går ut ur kyrkanbrudparet kommer ut till gästerna utanför kyrkanriskastning under bröllopriskastning utanför uppsala domkyrkagäster gratulerar brudparetvolvo amazon bröllopbröllopsmingel vid orangerietchampagne och stråkkvartett vid bröllopsmingelgästmingel på bröllopsnittar och laxrullar vid mingelgäster tar för sig av snittar och proseccoglatt mingel utanför middagssalenbrudskålen i slottsparken i Uppsalamingel på gång i parkenselfies och bilder på brudparetservering av mer Cavabröllopsmeny och blomdekorationerförrätt och dukning vid bordendukat i orangeriets stora sal för bröllopsmiddaggästerna sätter sig till bords på bröllopsmiddag






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bf_white_200x200Mathias Cederholm en av Sveriges bästa bröllopsfotografer

Västerås Wedding Photographer familjebild vid bröllop

Västerås Wedding Photographer // Linn & David by the cathedral

I've had the honour to photograph Linn & David several times before, first time was in the early days of my career when I needed something to build my portfolio with. Back then we shot these images together. It feels like an eternity since that took place, but I'm still proud of those photos. A few years later I once again had the opportunity to meet up with them for some photos together with their daughter Elise on her first birthday. I don't know how they do it, but this family always look great!

So, when I got asked to go out and get some more family photos, of course I said yes. First a few weeks later, they let me know that what they really had in mind was an elopement. A secret plan to get married in the Västerås Cathedral and then shoot some portraits at Kyrkbacken right after.
I'll be honest and tell you that mostly I prefer longer weddings. It is easier to build a story that way, to capture the entirety and give a completeness to it that is difficult to do properly with shorter sessions. But even this time, I feel we managed to create something beautiful and a story worth tellling.

The Cathedral in Västerås was built during the 1100's and among others is the seat of the grave of King Erik the XIV. Just next doors is Kyrkbacken, the early residential area with roots in Medieval times. You find houses in this area from recent times all the way back to when the area was just a tiny town. Next to the area is Rudbeckianska gymnasiet, the first secondary school in Sweden and the place where I myself went to school. All of these places give the area a certain atmosphere that always looks great for a photo session, no matter if it is beautiful day like this or a grey winter day in March. Next is the city library and the smallest and most boring botanical garden in the country. So if you do come here, avoid the place! :)

Ok, enough of the rambling and on with the real stuff:

Bröllopsfotograf VästeråsBröllopsfotograf VästeråsBröllopsfotograf VästeråsBröllopsfotograf Västerås