A snow covered barren landscape spread out before my eyes as we got close to the island and it’s capital city Reykjavik. It looked more like the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars than any place I’ve ever seen on our planet. It felt like landing in a land far far away.

In the middle of February, I had expected it to be colder and with more snow, but it started to rain by the time I got into the city and a few days later, the landscape had changed character with it’s yellow grass and hills and mountains appearing. As I got passed the passport control, by coincidence, Björk started to play in my ears. I had the song Jóga in my playlist and the timing couldn’t be better. Just like I had, when visiting Seattle ten years ago, really understood Nirvanas music and why i sounded the way it did, here in Iceland, I can truly understand Björk and that she grew up here.

Iceland has now been a very popular place for years for weddings and elopements. It will be hard to find this dramatic landscape and grand experiences of nature in any other place in the world. Especially so close to the rest of Europe. When Alissa & Marshall got in contact to shoot their engagement photos in Iceland, it was simply a matter of jumping on the plane and go.

Marshall proposed to Alissa back home in Chicago on New Years Eve, and since they had already booked a trip to Iceland, they also decided to make sure to get some photos of them there. Unfortunately I was already booked on the date of their wedding, otherwise I would have loved to go to Chicago to shoot their wedding too.

In either case, I will not forget this experience any time soon!

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