The wedding season is fianlly kicking off for real this weekend with the wedding between Addie & Lucas. I met them a year ago to plan their day and ending the meeting with a couple shoot at Waldemarsudde on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.
At this time of year, the area surrounding the museum of Prince Eugens is really beautiful and the best thing is that after the museum closes, it is usually not a lot of people hanging around, so you get to have this place all by yourself (mostly). A perfect place to bring a couple to take photos together. Not only does the place have a splendid view over the inlet of Lake Mälaren, but you also have a great mix of fantanstic buildings, park areas and an old mill. A little bit of everything, so it usually suits most people in one way or another.

Addie is originally from the U.S. but ended up together with Lucas in Stockholm. For the wedding, they have friends and family flying in from all over the world, and what better place to bring them than the Stockholm archipelago? They are getting married at Sands Hotel on the island of Sandhamn on Saturday, so lets hope for great weather and a brilliant time.
Sandhamn has been inhabited since the 1600’s, but since the end of the 1800’s, it has mostly been occupied by sailors and tourists. The permanent population goes up and down over the year, but during the summer, the whole place explodes with people, activities, sailing boats and ice cream. The island is idyllic for an archipelago wedding and you can find all sorts of things such as old fishing huts, the inn a chapel and an area with small cottages for summer guests.  If you are leaning more towards a modern experience, you have the larger sailors hotel and the marina close by. If you are looking for a party on the weekend, this is the place to go. So no matter why you want to go, there are things to do for everyone. No matter if you are just there for the day or want to stay for a week.

Now it is time for me to charge the batteries, clean the camera lenses and prepare for the escapades of the weekend. Photos from the wedding will show up on the blog later, but if you want to have a look to see what the place looks like, check this wedding out: Verena & Carl


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